MedConsult.Online from Mdsimulation the creator of DentalMaster

Get New patients by inserting your Medconsult Link or Qr code; the  potential patients or existing patients will then be directly connected to your clinics thanks to your personalized  and dedicated Web app.

When you Give Pre consultation Online

  • You limit the number of visits
  • You limit the time spend on your Chairs and in the Waiting Room
  • You get a better time management of your chairs
  • You reduce administrative works

 Resulting to:  

Increase your incomes

MedConsult.Online does not increase your working Time but reduces and allows to manage more productively your daily work

Most digital options as call back, answer and others can be handled by your team until the physical consultation.

MedConsult.Online allows you and or your Staff to

  • Start a live video consultation with no need to download for you or your patients (*)
  • Share files, pictures,Pdf for digital signature …..
  • Shedule digital appointments with your patients
  • Get daily confirmation on patient appointments
  • Get requests for call
  • Get questions, requests, or feedbackS
  • Share treatment planning when using
  • Share videos and 3D animations during the patient visit.

Patient App allow

  • Request a Digital appointment.
  • Request a call back.
  • Send messages, questions, or feedback before or after treatment.
  • Get and share files (documents or pictures).
  • Confirm appointment.
  • Promote your clinic and so create new leads.
  • Access to your website and stay informed.
  • Get healthy tips.